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Пазарът винаги е бил средище на българската култура и традиции. На пазара хората са се събирали да поговорят, да обсъдят политиката и да търгуват. Така е била създавана историята. Нашият онлайн магазин е създаден, за да може да продължи българските традиции в днешно време, също като пазара. Тук ще намерите качествени продукти, добро обслужване и много приятни изненади.
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Този онлайн магазин е за поръчки в ЕВРОПА. За поръчки в САЩ, използвайте Find BG Food Marketplace

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Hi, Thanks for checking in! This was my first time using the website – the Velika lutenitsa is my favorite! Best, Virginia
Dear Ivo Oh no, I have never had an issue with the products purchased from you guys. Not to mention that YOU have always gone above and beyond in making me look oh so good in front of my friend Vessel… Read more
Hi Ivo, Thank you for your email, it is great to hear from you. Absolutely, that sounds like a good plan; let’s go with it. I enjoyed browsing your site! Best wishes, Harry
Thanks for the cookbook. My late husband was my Bulgarian cookbook. He was born in Russe
Zdrasti Ivo, I am Bulgarian, but for the last 26 years have been in US. My son, who was born in US, is graduating from High School and we are having a small graduation party. I picked up the theme… Read more
Malina S.
Hello Ivo, Thank you for your message. To answer the below, my wife is Bulgarian and we wanted to send my parents some Bulgarian items to try out. I found your website on the Trimona website and glad … Read more
Ok ! I got it! Whatever you think is best for the same money, I’m agree! Just package it and send it and i guess I’ll be happy! Thanks
Spassimir Stoytchev
I’m hosting a lunch for my Bulgarian friends.
Stephen A.
Hallo Ivo, Things are working out well. I am enjoying the Bulgarian drinks. Nice to receive an option from you to have a discount for a next order. With the end of the year in sight, i wish you good l… Read more
Because I have a Bulgarian friend, as in friend, not “friend” who introduced me to it. I love it. Cheers, Massimo

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