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Пазарът винаги е бил средище на българската култура и традиции. На пазара хората са се събирали да поговорят, да обсъдят политиката и да търгуват. Така е била създавана историята. Нашият онлайн магазин е създаден, за да може да продължи българските традиции в днешно време, също като пазара. Тук ще намерите качествени продукти, добро обслужване и много приятни изненади.
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Този онлайн магазин е за поръчки в ЕВРОПА. За поръчки в САЩ, използвайте Find BG Food Marketplace

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Just tested it. As far as I can tell, everything functioned perfectly, and it was all very easy. I think the product selection is great. Maybe one day you can add narodni nosii or art products to th… Read more
Matt Brown
I spend my vacations regularly in Bulgaria, I know the Bulgarian delicacies very well and now I came across your website, I placed my order spontaneously. I love the Bulgarian products. Best wishes to… Read more
Simply, I am Bulgarian by origin.
Nelly Milanova
Hi Ivo, And thanks for the spices & salt. A well chilled rakia and a couple of russian vodka shots will improve my cooking skills enormously . Best regards, Töger
Zdravei Ivo. Sorry , niamam kirilitza na komputera, da ti pisha na BG. Otgovorat na tvoeto zapitvane pri mene e prost : ” Az sam Balgarche…” Otdelno ot tova niakoi produkty sa unikalni, kakto Bozata, … Read more
Tzvetozar D.
Love your store! Thank you so much for carrying a great selection and some of our favs!
Grace and Ivo
Thank you Ivo service was good will order from you again in the future. Good products, fast replies and delivery was good too. Food was great it reminds me of home.
Anthony T.
Hi Ivo – thanks for the note. Number One reason – Bulgarian wife 🙂 Just kidding, I like the food really. And I found you with google. All the best, Lou
HI Ivo, I just found your email. its very sincere. My children loved the Chubrica you sent and the lucanka. They have never been to Bulgaria so didn’t know why i was raving about it. I was 12 whe… Read more
Lina Nikolova
Ivo, Your store offers pieces from my life :). We, Bulgarians, all associate with food. And 27-8yrs ago when we came to the USA there was no Bulgarian food. Happy to introduce it to my son and girlf… Read more

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