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Пазарът винаги е бил средище на българската култура и традиции. На пазара хората са се събирали да поговорят, да обсъдят политиката и да търгуват. Така е била създавана историята. Нашият онлайн магазин е създаден, за да може да продължи българските традиции в днешно време, също като пазара. Тук ще намерите качествени продукти, добро обслужване и много приятни изненади.
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Този онлайн магазин е за поръчки в ЕВРОПА. За поръчки в САЩ, използвайте Find BG Food Marketplace

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Dear Ivo, Our son married a woman from Bulgaria, and we have enjoyed visiting your beautiful country five times in the last ten years. We have become especially fond of the delicious thick yogurt an…
Vivia Lawton Fowler
Hi Ivo, Some observations: 1. Related products for kyopoolu: moreni?, borovets classic vafla?- in general the related products work only for couple of categories- rakia, Bulgarian beer, Bulgarian w…
Kalinka Momchilova
Hi Ivo, Thanks for the welcoming message. How couldn’t one reply to such a kind request. It’s clever to ask for feedback to improve your store and services. I used to shop from Malincho.com but mo…
Love your store! Thank you so much for carrying a great selection and some of our favs!
Grace and Ivo
Hi Ivo, Thanks for the warm invitation to Find BG Food. I am glad you asked about the number ONE thing I would like your marketplace to offer. For me, I wish your kebapcheta, kufteta, and lukanki a…
Olga Anguelova
This is one thing I would like: Grizli Snacks-carevichni pruchici Thank you, David
David Hefley
Hello I have just received my order. I am satisfy and thank you very much until next order. Best regards Daniel from Belgium
Daniel Gatner
This is not exactly my favourite food, but one of many in Bulgaria and (dare I say it?) Romania: shopska salad! Yum!
George Tillman
Hi Ivo, I served in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria from 2010-2012 and I am excited to find your site. It has a lot of things that I miss from my time in c. Avren, near Varna. thanks!! Kelsey On Oct
Kelsey Hilbers
Hey Ivo, I don’t know if this would be plausible or not since pre-made food is not as easy to ship, but I think it would be great if you had sarmi or posni sarmi on your website. Honestly, I like to…
Velina Veleva

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