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Последно обновление: 27/05/2024

Смятаме, че най-добрите клиенти са щастливите клиенти! И ние сме радостни, че нашите клиенти обичат Bulgarian Food EUROPE!

Всеки ден получаваме коментари, препоръки и прегледи и споделяме всички тях тук – добри и лоши. Ние правим всичко възможно да ги добавим към тази страница възможно най-бързо, но понякога може да ни отнеме седмица или две, за да наваксаме.

Прегледайте десетките стотици отзиви и коментари по-долу на тази страница.

Изпратете ни и своите – ние бихме искали да знаем какво мислите за нашите продукти!

Hi Ivo,
I’m Bulgarian who loves food and rakia and we don’t have many Bulgarian options in Norway.


Thank you for your e-mail Ivo,
I like Bulgarian food and I found your store on the internet while browsing. I decided to give it a try
and see the quality of the food( frozen staffs) that you have.
Best regards
Nikolay L.

Nikolay L.

Hi Ivo,Imah interest za balgarska hrana v USA,nali sme balgari i obichame,nashta Rodina I
vkusnata hrana-Tova e prichinata!Blagodaria za vsichko,koeto organizirash !

simeon g.

Здравей Иво,
Готино сте го измислили. Причината е , че дойдохме насам ама децата им се яде храна с
каквато са свикнали, а и не само на тях.
Ще ползваме услугите ви с удоволствие 🙂


I’m Bulgarian and we just got back from vacation from Bulgaria with my boyfriend. Not only
did he love the lukanka, he loved the rakia and the food. Plus not a lot of places carry the
souvenirs that I see you’re out of stock in—so I’ll be ordering more once you’re in stock with
the Bulgarian rose.
Thanks Ivo for having this business!

Simona A.

I was looking for wine I had while traveling in Bulgaria. Thank you!


I love to try foods from anywhere in the world that is traditional to that culture. The food and drink I
tried while on holiday is so tasty.


Hi Ivo,
I have answered this question quite a few times in the past: I am born in Bulgaria (Sofia, 1958) and the taste of
Bulgarian sudjuk, lukanka and spices is unique. Cheers,


Ivo, thank you very much for all of your help and efforts! I am very excited we did this and even
more excited to receive the goodies! Hopefully, if this does not work out to be too expensive or
difficult – I will place more orders in the future 🙂
Thank you very much for making it possible to have Bulgarian flavours in South Africa!


Dear IVO,
Lieferung und Leistung der Bestellung waren vollkommen in Ordnung.
Wie bereits Anfangs erwähnt, besteht unser Haushalt aus zwei älteren Personen, dem entsprechend ist
unser Bedarf.
Ich werde überwiegend diesen oder jenen Wein ausprobieren.
Der ‘ Shopska Salad ‘ ist fester Bestandteil unserer Ernährung geworden.
Mit frendlichen Grüssen
Ulf B.

Ulf B.