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Zdrasti Ivo,
I am Bulgarian, but for the last 26 years have been in US.
My son, who was born in US, is graduating from High School and we are having a small graduation party.
I picked up the theme for the food to be BULGARIAN(mainly).
Thanks so very much.
I was about to order some more food, but as you well know, shipping is costly Malina Sexton
PS: I have cooked some Bulgarian dishes and everyone enjoys them a lot.

Malina Sexton

Купувам български храни и напитки, защото съм българка. Живея в Швеция и много ми липсват нашенските храни. Опитвах се да заместя българските вкусове с нещо шведско, но не се получи. От доста време се рових из интернет и търсих сайтове от които да си поръчам нашенски стоки и един ден попаднах на вашият сайт. Поръчах малко неща за
пробно- да видя как стават нещата и колко време ще е доставката. Изумих се … Бяхте толкова сериозни и няколко дена след поръчката си получих нещата.
Благодаря ви че ви има!
Поздрави от студена Швеция

Маги Георгиева

Hi Ivo,
This is a present for a close Bulgarian friend.

Martin Todorov

I buy the food to preserve and share my Bulgarian heritage through passing the traditional food tastes to my family and friends.

Jenny Hite

Hi Ivo:
I’ve tried your Bulgarian yogurt starter and I really like it, so I’d like to try other Bulgarian food.

C wesco

I want to try your service and quality of food. Best regards viacheslav

Viacheslav Gelfer

Ivo, the number one reason I am personally biased because you are an awesome dude and I always go to the web site.
Personally what excites me is I want my kids who are growing in America to experience Bulgarian food and appreciate a different style and quality.
Hope to see you soon !


Hi Ivo I am an Bulgarian woman which used often the bg website to buy Bulgarian food,and I’m happy to see that someone care about us in the US.My family love our Bulgarian food even my son-in-law love it.Also I would like to buy box of beer,bud nobody picks up the phone.

Elza Tarkalanova

Date: Friday, May 24, 2019 11:58:20 PM
Hi Ivo,
I like to eat and drink BG food and drinks because I was married to a BG woman and i visited BG many times so i learned to apriciate BG food and drinks, as well as the BG people of course, the beautifull nature, mountains, forests, the black sea etc.
Nico van Leeuwen

Nico van Leeuwen

I ordered From Find BG Food because my son was adopted from Bulgaria when he was 6 years old and he can still remember some of the things that he ate when he was there. He’s an adult now but still likes the food, plus keeping a connection to
I found your site when I googled for yogurt.
Take care,