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I really think the site is a big improvement. I didn’t get a chance to fully check out, so I don’t
know if it processes your credit card correctly. But as far as shopping goes, I felt it was easy
and included high quality pictures of the products.
When I do decide to get some more rakiya and a little banitza, your site is where I’ll go!

Daniel Rueth

The new site looks good, functional and professionally made. It is convenient to use.
Did not notice any issues except one: There is a little gray text below each item (I am guessing this
the item’s category). This one is not correct or misleading for some of the items. E.g. For lukanka,
soudjuk, krenvirshi, etc. Not sure if this label is needed at all.
One more thing I noticed (not related to the functionality of the site):
Your shipping rates appear way too high in my opinion.
E.g. Shipping 4 pieces of lunkanka using USPS priority really costs about $7 while you charge $34.40.
With other words – in many cases the shipping costs more than the products themselves.
Most websites these days are offering free standard shipping on orders above certain price (e.g.
Do you remember why me and my friends stopped using your site? It was the high shipping charges
and the fact that you tried to charge me even more AFTER the order was placed due to shipping
calculation errors in your system. You dealt with the issue “the Bulgarian way” which does not work
very well here.
In my opinion things like reasonable shipping and how you deal with customers are more essential
than the look of the web site.
I like the new site a lot (except for the shipping fees).

Vladimir Kussakov

Hi Ivo,
Some observations:
1. Related products for kyopoolu: moreni?, borovets classic vafla?- in general the related
products work only for couple of categories- rakia, Bulgarian beer, Bulgarian wine, boza,
Bulgarian yogurt,,chubritsa, spices, herbs, juices and water, cookbooks,
For the categories gift certificates, martenitza and souvenirs the related products are from all
tree categories which is fine, just keep in mind when you change the algorithm.
2. Rakia Collection is on sale, but it’s not showing under current promotions- in general the
sales items are not shown in current promotions.
3. I would change the name of the category chubritza, spices and herbs to seasonings, spices
and herbs. The category kebapche, kyufte etc could be named Bulgarian meat products/
4. Checkout – the tax was fixed and it was calculated without delivery address. It didn’t change
when II entered delivery address in different state / the sale tax is different for different states/
5. When I click on the picture with text ‘don’t miss sale ends in… hours- shop now’ it doesn’t
show the items on sale, it goes to the browse all mode…
6. Where to start is a good idea, but instead of listing the suggestions in the text just show
them when you click on ‘start shopping’- this way it would be easier for non-Bulgarians to
place an order if they are not familiar with the names of the products
7. There are some items with restrictions for delivery/ frozen items/. I am not sure if that was
taken into account. Delivery of banitza might be ok to Virginia, but it’s not Ok to Florida.
Make sure that the check for restricted items iis done after the delivery address is entered.
8.I would check the local alcohol delivery laws in all states-there might be some restrictions
for rakia and brandy delivery / high alcohol content items/ in some states.
In conclusion – it looks good! Good luck!

Kalinka Momchilova

Hi Ivo,
it looks very nice and modern.
– Nice pictures
– Speed is fine
– Password with 12 digits seems to me a bit challenging…
– Link to Australian site is not working (you are most likely aware of this)
– I’d suggest currency setting or default to Euro
– Could not test member area – order history would be fine
– Could not finish the ordering process (no delivery method available)

Stefan Ernst

Hi Ivo,
Here is some feedback. I will write in Bulgarian since I feel it’s strange two Bulgarians to have
a conversation in English.
Новият сайт изглежда далеч по-добре. Снимките определено са важни и ми хареса
начина на представяне, има повече от една снимка когато е необходимо и са
примамливи тези нарязани луканки 🙂 Има голяма селекция на ракия и вино. Това беше
основното за мен да намеря вашия сайт първия път.
Сега с това, което може да подобрите:
Смесени са производители когато се поръчва. Видях че пише ако искате определена
марка пишете, но когато се поръчва не е ясно какво точно сирене си купил или
кашкавал. На мен лично това не ми харесва, но вие сте си направили проучване и
предполагам сте решили че така е най-добре.
Когато се добавя продукт е само 1 бройка и след това трябва да се промени в кошницата
за повече. Аз бих предпочела когато добавям веднага да избера количество.
Разходите за доставка са доста високи. За сравнение преди месец купих 8 бутилки
Бургас 63 и 2 бутилки Мавруд и доставката от Калифорния до Джорджия беше $21.43 (а
вие мисля дори че сте на Източния бряг)
Почва мача, така че ще довърша друг път! Успех!

D. Tokova

The new website is so very well done! I can’t find anything to criticize or to suggest
as improvement. I didn’t find any bugs, but of course I couldn’t possibly test everything.
Great job! Much better than the old one. Hope it gets online soon.

Tzvetko Kirov

Great website. Very well organized. I like it.
Was easy to navigate and select the items.
Was disappointed because I can’t order beer. My friend love Bulgarian beer.
The only problem I had is when I try to order more than one banitza. I got an
error message twice. And the program kicks me out from the website. I will try
again tomorrow from my home computer.
Anyway, I place the order thru Pay Pall.
I will let you know how is from there in few days.
Thank you very much.

svetlana koytchev

Hi Ivo,
I like your new website. Very easy to navigate and use. Great descriptions and
photos of the items. Well done! Will be working on my “real” order soon.

Bobbie Griffin

Здравейте, получихме колета. Всичко е 6. Мерси

georgir aykov

Your new website is great!
Of course I had to purchase something;)
Good luck with your business!