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Hi Ivo!
I just wanted to let you know, I received all of my goodies you sent today – I am so excited! I
cannot tell you this enough
It cleared through customs with no issue, the payment fee was minimal and I now have my
favourite flavours with me!
Please be ready to receive more orders from me in the future!
Thank you again, I am very very happy!


Thanks Ivo,
Everything is fine! I am happy to be able to find yogurt starter and rakia.
You responded to my inquiry very fast as well. I think some of the prices for Rakia are a bit high but I
understand those are US prices.
Thanks, Nadia


The number one reason is because I’m Bulgarian and I miss quality Bulgarian food here in the US!
Thanks for the feedback!
Best regards,


Thank you, Ivo. Just placed my order.
I look forward to trying a taste of home.
Thanks again,


Cause of my wife, she is Bulgarian


I am the owner of the Museu of the Vermut of Reus (Catalonia-Spain)
And I want to have your Bulgaro vermouth in our menu.


Ние сме в България. Живеем тука от почти 20 години, в село близо до гр. Перник. Дъщеря ми, която
е пораснал тука сега учи в Индиана. Тя от време на време има носалгия за България и понеже има
рожден ден на 10ти октомври решихме да й изпрати храна от тук.
Джонатан О.

Джонатан О.

Thank you, Ivo!!
My answer is simple – you can take this girl out of Bulgaria, but you can’t take Bulgaria out of
this girl. I grew up eating the foods you offer, and to me, a little taste of home is
Thanks again!


Hello Ivo, Thanks for the inquiry. My husband’s grandfather was Bulgarian and he loved hot
peppers and ate things like roasted goat head! That was a very long time ago. But he and
grandma also made a dried Hot Sausage that they stuffed, flattened and hung to dry in a cool
place. We miss it so thought we would try the sausage we ordered from you. Found you by
googling ‘where to buy Bulgarian sausage’.


Dear Ivo,
My son’s teacher’s husband is from Bulgaria. He is visiting now and recommended this brand
of rakia (Burgas 63 Special Selection). He sent me the link to your store for purchase. I also
bought a plum version to try. I am trying rakia for the first time!
Toni H.

Toni H.