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My wife is from Bulgaria and has introduced me to lukanka and shopska salata. Now I think it
is the best!
Best regards

Mathias Lagerwall

Ivo and Veneta,
Thank you for your kind refund of shipping costs on my recent Rakia order. I appreciate
your personal approach to the entire process.
Would you please forward a mailing address.

Mark Dixon

Ivo, Thank you for your interest. In October my wife and I will be on aViking river cruise on the Danube, from Bucharest to Budapest. We’ve been on two Viking river cruises before. We are retired and vacationed in most of Western Europe so we thought we’d do this. I did a Google search on Bulgarian food.
— Martin

Martin Sandman

The reason I ordered from this place is because I work at a amusement park and there are a lot of people I work with from Bulgaria and they tell me about the food there and I was like I want to try it very bad so I was looking online for food from Bulgaria and find this place and thought I give it a try so iam excited to get my order soon thank you have a great day 🙂

Dominique Bowens

Hi Ivo,
You’re welcome, and thank you. I look forward to my order. We live in Imatra, Finland, 2 km from the Russain frontier. Светогорск is our neighbor. So many of the foods are familiar to us, and we really like them.
We have also visited Bulgaria,and met some nice people there.
We both miss the Bulgarian toothpaste from Pomorie, (and I miss the Bulgarian after-shave Kapo, which I cannot find here in Finland.)
Food-wise, I liked most the banichka. And the yoghurt. I thought that the Bulgarian food had a nice, natural flavor. I was glad to find your site.
Best regards,
Daniel Baskin

Daniel Baskin

Thank you for your email! We order Bulgarian food for two reasons – 1) it brings us home (have been living in US for 29 yrs) and 2) sometimes too lazy to make it myself (кюфтета, баница 🙂 ).
Жив и здрав да си, че ни доставяш кулинарни радости!

pavlina ivanova

Dear Ivo,
Only tried the cheese so far and loved it. I use it grated for shopska salad which we love
Thank you


Thank you very much!
Best regards
Theodora Popova

Theodora Popova

Thank you Ivo for allowing me to join. Number 1 reason for joining is to learn and try Bulgarian food as I holiday there and will soon be residing there. I think it would be cheaper to eat local food rather than import British food. I hope this answers your question. Keep up your splendid work. Regards Tina.

tina mcdonough

Здравей Иво
Ние харесахме много българската храна, която получихме от Вас. Качеството беше много добро и много вкусна. Ракиите сащо са много добри. Всичко беше на ниво.
Благодаря за пратката и за купона за следващата поръчка.
Приятен ден!
Тимоти Колоско

Tim Koloszko