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Hello Ivo,
I just returned from a delightful visit to Bulgaria and was enchanted with the food. I
learned to make баница from a wonderful host family. I see you have sirene cheese,
but I am also looking for buffalo bulgarian yogurt. Any such thing available for us
here in CA?
I love your website and offerings.
Thank you so much,
Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson

I really think the site is a big improvement. I didn’t get a chance to fully check out, so I don’t
know if it processes your credit card correctly. But as far as shopping goes, I felt it was easy
and included high quality pictures of the products.
When I do decide to get some more rakiya and a little banitza, your site is where I’ll go!

Daniel Rueth

HI Ivo,
I just found your email. its very sincere.
My children loved the Chubrica you sent and the lucanka. They have never been to Bulgaria
didn’t know why i was raving about it.
I was 12 when i left so…missed lots of things still after all this years.
I which you total success thank you for being there

Lina Nikolova

I did browse and I like the new website.
Very easy to use and to find the things.
I did the test order with the test credit card number and it worked.
If I would order this stuff in real the shipping costs are really the downside…. over 200 dollars
for shipping only is really a lot.


Hi Ivo,
I served in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria from 2010-2012 and I am excited to find your site. It
has a lot of things that I miss from my time in c. Avren, near Varna.
On Oct

Kelsey Hilbers

Hi Ivo,
Here is some feedback. I will write in Bulgarian since I feel it’s strange two Bulgarians to have
a conversation in English.
Новият сайт изглежда далеч по-добре. Снимките определено са важни и ми хареса
начина на представяне, има повече от една снимка когато е необходимо и са
примамливи тези нарязани луканки 🙂 Има голяма селекция на ракия и вино. Това беше
основното за мен да намеря вашия сайт първия път.
Сега с това, което може да подобрите:
Смесени са производители когато се поръчва. Видях че пише ако искате определена
марка пишете, но когато се поръчва не е ясно какво точно сирене си купил или
кашкавал. На мен лично това не ми харесва, но вие сте си направили проучване и
предполагам сте решили че така е най-добре.
Когато се добавя продукт е само 1 бройка и след това трябва да се промени в кошницата
за повече. Аз бих предпочела когато добавям веднага да избера количество.
Разходите за доставка са доста високи. За сравнение преди месец купих 8 бутилки
Бургас 63 и 2 бутилки Мавруд и доставката от Калифорния до Джорджия беше $21.43 (а
вие мисля дори че сте на Източния бряг)
Почва мача, така че ще довърша друг път! Успех!

D. Tokova

Your new website is great!
Of course I had to purchase something;)
Good luck with your business!


Just wanted to let you know that I just received the goods! Thank you very much for your help. Have a great weekend 🙂

Gabby Popova

Today I’ve received from Sofia a little package with
my beloved spices.
THIS IS IT – sharena sol which tastes and smells
Finally I have what I really wanted.

Krystyna Downarowicz

You are the best! We yesterday came back from Sofia, your sausages are great! 🙂

Eugenia Dvorkin