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Ivo, thanks for your mail. I worked as a guide ages ago in bg, married a bg man, living now in sinemoretz, loving a lot of things in bg and a few things not. Food ,if you can get the quallity good products here, i like as bg foodtraditions. These good things from bg i want to pass to my grandchildren in usa and nl, europe. Bg food is hepfull in this to me. Thank you for that.gloria

gloria wladimirov

A few years ago my wife & I visited Bulgaria and we enjoyed the favor of the foods we ate and discovered this seasoning. Subsequently we use it frequently, we especially enjoy it on scrambled eggs at breakfast.
Thank you;

Jerry Strannigan

A friend from Bulgaria introduced me to Bulgarian feta cheese. Yum!

Carla Marceau

Thank you, it was great. My son particularly liked the karnache. However, I chose the wrong rakia, so have ordered more!


Hallo Ivo,
auf Deine Frage “warum?” habe ich 2 Anworten:
1. Ich bin im Internet zufällig auf das Angebot von bulgarian food gestoßen und
2. ich war 1957 als Student zu Besuch in Bulgarien und habe das Essen dort sehr geliebt.
Beides zusammen ist die Ursache für meinen Kauf.
Gruß, Volker

Volker Ott

Здравей Иво,
Правих поръчка при вас защото от 1974 до 1979 прекарвах в Пловдив следването си и сега се спомням на годините когато бяхме млади като вкусвам български ястия и напитки.
Много поздрави и Благодаря за големия избор на вашата страница!


because I love bulgarian food and its more easy to buy with interenet than to take with me in the plane………hmmmmmm if you find a cheapest form to send can to be good.


I was living (for work reasons) on Sofia for 3 years and there are some foods that I miss a lot. That’s why I wanted to purchase some food like Leutenica and Vanitsa (for now, I want to remember some other foods and recipes later).

Rafael Antonio Castro Osuna

Thanks. Saw that. And appreciated.
Btw, am surprised (pleasantly) that y’all have all those items in stock and was not asked to sub some! 🙂
Daughter will be thrilled. (me around her too;)


Hallo Ivo,
ich kaufe bulgarische Produkte, weil ich die bulgarische Küche, sowie das Land Bulgarien liebe.